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"sua dash <3 +f" —colringporn

Awnnn obrigada ! <3 - Tay

PSD #075 (requested)

  • May need adjustmets (The layers are marked)
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"can you make a psd for that elena dancing scene in 4x17 ? :)" —Anonymous

yes, sure :) ~ Eli

"Can you please make a psd for the scene at the end of tvd 1.02 when Elena and Stefan talk outside the salvatore house and then have their first kiss? Thank you :)" —Anonymous

I can’t i’m sorry - Tay. Check if one of the other girls can tho :D 

"some psds for the tv show lost pls? the scene doesn't matter and if it's a gif or screencaps doesn't matter too" —Anonymous

i’ve made 2 screencaps one for dark scenes and the other for light scenes, i’ll post in a min

"can u make some psds for the new episode of tvd ?" —Anonymous

Yes ! - Tay

"Please tvd psd 5.11" —Anonymous

I’m gonna make one ! - Tay



so, some people have been asking for this so there you go. you have to reblog this post so i can keep a record on who would like to participate. Also you have to submit me with the follow requests

  • name / age / country
  • 2 links for your doctor who psds (can be gif or screencap, or both. if you submit more than 2 it can help you with your chances to be part of, but it has to be at least 2 psds)
  • reason why you want to join

also i’ll only contact the people i wish to help me on the blog so please don’t ask me to tell you if i accept you or not because i don’t feel comfortable with that.

Please keep in mind it took me time to do this and it wouldn’t kill you if you like or reblog if you download, if it gets more downloads than notes i’ll delete the link. you probably will need to mess around with the layers to look better